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NUDT debate team wins Chinese Debate World Cup Championship


The final of the Chinese Debate World Cup was held in Beijing on January 31. After 1,500 regional qualifiers, forty-eight teams from 15 countries and regions entered the final. The 8 debaters of NUDT team forged ahead in the fierce competition and finally won the championship.

After 62 matches, NUDT and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) stood out from the competition and met in the final. The two teams debated on "Culture Exports should be based on the nation/world". They showed to the world the morale of Chinese youth with their wise and critical thinking, and conveyed to the world the resounding voice of youth with wonderful argumentation. The debaters of NUDT finally defeated BUPT by 9:6 with their sharp mind and clear logic and won the overall championship of the 2023 Chinese Debate World Cup.