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Smart classrooms equipped at Changsha campus


At NUDT, with a single tap, teachers and students can enter the smart teaching system with teaching contents synchronized in the cloud, control light from IoT light and curtain systems and project their terminal devices to share workshop findings. Now, smart classrooms like this have already become major places for students to take classes.

In recent years, adapting to the developing trend of new information technology application, NUDT built an array of smart classrooms to facilitate talent cultivation and teaching.

Since 2021, NUDT has built 253 smart classrooms of four categories——smart interactive classroom, smart seminar room, smart lecture hall, and smart language lab, with a seating capacity of nearly 14000.

The implementation of smart classrooms brought a revolution to traditional teaching and learning from teacher-centered to student-centered and rejuvenated classroom instruction.

Smart Interactive Classroom —— 86 inch smart board with IoT blackboard for simultaneous displaying and adjustable tables and chairs build a teaching environment of openness and sharing.

Smart Discussion Room —— Multi-screen display system of six screens with adjustable tables and chairs meet discussion need of distributed teams.

Smart Lecture Hall —— Smart interactive whiteboard, touch-sensitive displays and infrared IoT blackboard integrate teaching slides with blackboard writing. 65 inch multi-display system brings knowledge to every student no matter where they sit.

Smart Language Lab —— Lightweight equipment and smart blackboard imbue new impetus into foreign language teaching by promoting interaction between teachers and students to facilitate foreign language learning.