NUDT provides dynamic and enriching campus environment to help students realize all-round development.

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Physical exercise is an integral part of students’ and teachers’ daily lives. The University boasts well-equipped sports facilities including gymnasiums, swimming pools, track fields, basketball courts, etc. Students are also provided with training courses for wrestling, boxing, shooting, orienteering, martial arts, diving, etc. Every year, a wide variety of sports events such as sports meetings, basketball games, badminton games, table tennis games are held to nurture students’ characters of tenacity, entrepreneurship and solidarity, and to encourage students to challenge their limits and surpass themselves.

Culture & Arts

NUDT attaches great importance to education through culture and arts. Students are provided with opportunities and platforms to realize all-round development. There are a variety of clubs, enabling students to improve abilities together with those having the same interests. Sci-tech and cultural festivals with NUDT characteristics such as Aerospace Science and Technology Festival, Robot Festival, Electronic Science and Technology Hub, the Light of YinHe are held each year to allow students to enhance their practical abilities and seek innovative inspirations. Students are encouraged to participate in high-level academic competitions both at home and abroad to expand academic horizons. They can also participate in cultural activities on campus including concerts, photography exhibitions, calligraphy competitions and talent shows to enrich their spare-time life.

  • NUDT is a university with fully functional facilities, beautiful environments, and efficient logistics support. It is now accelerating the construction of smart and digital campuses, and its independent development of IT application is at the forefront among China’s “Double First-Class” universities. At NUDT, a number of smart classrooms have been constructed to enable seminar-based, interactive, intelligent and online teaching and learning. Besides, wireless network accesses are available at any public place across campuses, facial recognition systems smooth the entry into campuses and smart checkout systems reduce the payment queue at canteens.

  • NUDT has upgraded its libraries to be smart libraries with integration of paper and digital resources. The libraries house over 7,600 seats and is home to a collection of over 3.4 million books, over 3 million kinds of electronic books and 513TB of digital book resources, providing students and faculty with services as a center of resources, culture, studying and communicating.

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