With top-notch teaching faculty and various opportunities to practice, NUDT develops its students to be high-quality and professional talents.

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NUDT has fostered a talent cultivation system with focus on high-quality undergraduate education and high-level postgraduate education and coordinated development of high-standard and highly-efficient professional education, striving to cultivate world-class high-caliber and professional talents.

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  • Undergraduate Education

    Undergraduate education at NUDT highlights knowledge basis, capability and practice. During their undergraduate years, students get comprehensive improvement with their scientific, technological and cultural foundation being consolidated, innovative and practical abilities improved and comprehensive capabilities cultivated. Measures such as a full-course tutorial system and small-size classes are taken to enable full interactions between teachers and students and to ensure teaching excellency. NUDT has established innovation-oriented classes and cultivation bases for top-notch talents of basic disciplines to meet the national strategic needs for innovative talents.

  • Postgraduate Education

    NUDT focuses on the development of innovative mindset and practical abilities in postgraduates, and combined teaching and research in the education, having formed a learning mode of course study and engineering practices. Postgraduate education at NUDT covers both academic and professional programs at master’s and doctoral levels. For academic postgraduates, knowledge innovation capability cultivation takes priority, while for professional postgraduates, application innovation capability cultivation is highlighted.