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Unmanned delivery vehicles solve “last mile” problem of parcel delivery in Changsha Campus


Recently, in Changsha campus, a fleet of unmanned delivery vehicles on sidewalks endear themselves to students and faculty. With innovative technology which programs them to travel across the campus autonomously, traverse up inclines and evade other vehicles and pedestrians, these unmanned vehicles solve the “last mile” problem from the parcel station on campus to student dormitories. Parcel delivery on campus is now faster, more convenient and smarter.

With only three steps, parcels can be delivered to students.

Sorting: Deliverymen sort parcels and put them into bags.

Delivering: Parcel bags get loaded and a message with pick-up code and other information are sent to receivers to get them ready for their parcels.

Receiving: When delivery vehicle arrives, students can unlock the vehicle to get their parcels with pick-up code. After delivery, the vehicles will return back autonomously.

With a maximum cargo capacity of approximately 400 kg, each vehicle can deliver up to 100 parcels of normal size. These vehicles reduce the completion time of delivery tours and the package volume stored in the station. Students can receive their parcels regardless of the distance from dormitory to the station and bad weather.