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Get involved in clubs and student organizations at NUDT


Recently, Annual Student Involvement Fair took place in Changsha Campus. More than 20 clubs and student organizations showcased their activities to recruit new members. Students gathered at the square to meet those who share similar interests with them and explore the great diversity of clubs and student organizations at NUDT.

At NUDT, there are over 20 clubs in two categories.

Culture and Arts clubs: National Music Troupe, Choir, News Club, Videography and Photography Club, Broadcast Club, Dance Club, Electro-vocal Club, Music Producers Club, Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Club, Painting Club, Literature Club, Guides Club, Drama Club and Debating Club. 

Sports clubs: Basketball Club, Football Club, Volleyball Club, Badminton Club, Table Tennis Club, Tennis Club, Long-Distance Running Club, Health Club and Board & Card Games Club.