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NuBot team wins DEX championship in RoboCup 2023 Rescue Robot League


Recently, NuBot team from College of Intelligence Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology won the first prize of DEX (dexterity) competition in RoboCup 2023 Rescue Robot League.

This marks another breakthrough in DEX (dexterity) after the team won the EXP (exploration and maping) championship and the SAI (Search and Inspect) championship in 2022 and the MOB (mobility) championship in 2016.

RoboCup is one of the most influential robot competitive events in the world. RoboCup 2023 was held in France, and the Rescue Robot League attracts more than 20 teams from the U.S., Germany, Japan, Thailand, etc. The robots' all-round performance is fully tested by high-intensity challenges, with 10 different races to finish and 10 different robotic arm operation tasks. The competition this year is divided into 20 parts in the categories of MOB (mobility), DEX (dexterity) and EXP (exploration and maping).

With technical accumulation and full preparation over the past few months and their splendid performance in the competition, NuBot team from NUDT finally won the first prize in class dexterity.