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Join us to marvel at the charms of NUDT during the Spring Equinox

Spring is growing in the sun

Its breeze blows open the flowers

And awaken all living things from their sleep

And sends seasonal messages from afar

The campus around this time

Is shining with the splendor of spring

And the sights you cannot afford to miss

So let us create a poetic mood

And visit the campus in the colorful spring!

Why work hard into late spring? Because I value the time so much

The sun seems unwilling to say goodbye to the picturesque landscapes, for the spring breeze is sending wafts of fragrance

The birds are chirping amid the warm breeze, and the sun is shining through the layers of flowers

The cloud wants to decorate her clothes and the flowers her face, as the spring breeze sends away the day and welcomes in the night

Flower and willow are competing for beauty, while butterfly and wasp seem so sympathetic and understanding

Peach blossom is always eager to be the first to usher in spring, and it is so radiant and enchanting that no one can turn his eyes away

Since there is nothing special in Jiangnan, I might present you a twig of willow to tell you the arrival of spring

An easy mind will recognize the spring message, which lies in all the colorful flowers

Grass and trees know not that spring is approaching, so they compete against each other for charms

Whom is the spring breeze to visit? All of a sudden, the butterflies are everywhere among the grass

As grass turn green and willow yellow, peach blossom is in full bloom and plum blossom sending off sweetness

Before the steps green grass is blooming in spring, among the leaves the orioles are singing

The mulberry is budding in the field, and the east neighbor has his silkworms grown up

The spring days pass leisurely, while the wood is growing lushly

As the rider gets dazzled by the flowers, he finds the grass is only as high as the horseshoe

Chinese flowering crabapple is yet to blossom, the pear flowers are in full bloom, so that I know the spring has half gone.

If you come to Jiangnan in spring, make sure to make the best of the spring

Cherry pink, carmine rose, purple

Light yellow, light green, tea white


In each of the colors

In each of the lines

Is contained the message of the spring of NUDT

Planning by: Operation Team of WeChat Official Number of NUDT

Text: Xia Zepeng

Pictures: Li Xiaojuan, Zhang Xiaoqiang, Wang Zewen, Li Yue, Wu Jianyu, Zhai Xiangkun, Yin Xu

Editor: Gong Xiaotai