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Encounter beauty in NUDT!

Beauty is everywhere to be found in life

Beauty lies in our soul and waits for appreciative eyes

As is the case with NUDT

There the beauty is enveloped

But would at an unexpected moment

Capture you

Sweat rolls down my cheeks

The heat is so oppressive

Running on the school’s track

I spot your natural beauty as I look up

Back and forth I walk through the fields and paths

Out of the woods

And then I spot your beauty of lakes and mountains

As I visit the Field one and Field two

Appreciating the small arch bridge lying over the lake

I spot your beauty of comfort and ease

As I come to the clothes-airing site

Looking up and down

I see beauty lie in your grey tiles and red bricks

Climbing the tall building

I always see a “giant”

Towering there

Despite of all kinds of bad weather

I cannot help but admire your powerful beauty

After dinner I stand before the window

Or after class I take a rest

I see against the evening glow

You are shining with a beauty of modesty and elegance

Here is where the youth is sparked

Here is where the vitality is flamed

True, we experience both joy and pain

However, we are always grateful to you, NUDT, for your enchanting beauty

Source: WeChat Official Account of NUDT

Text: Quan Zhimin

Photos: Quan Zhimin, Li Yan

Editor: Chen Si