Oh, the light of NUDT!

Light, what kind of light have you ever seen?

Is it brilliant, colorful, pure, or warm?

Light comes in numerous forms

And light has life

The light tunnels we are going into

May bring you a unique feeling…

01 Microwave darkroom experiment



The light in a dark room is the brightness out of the gloom.

There seems to be no day or night here

For the researchers concentrate wholly on their work as if in seclusion

While it is there like an invisible gauge

Witnessing the birth of countless magic data

Amid the measurement of the core and key technologies in such fields as extravehicular space suit antenna system, radar detection, precision guidance, electronic countermeasure, major national scientific research achievements are made one after another.

02 Tianhe debugging



The brilliant Tianhe-2

Have you ever seen it?

It is the one praised by President Xi, the winner of six successive championships, the first TOP500 and the top on HPCG, the one with a peak performance of 54.9 PFlop…

When the button is activated, the giant chassis begins to roar, the colorful lights will send out beautiful glow like the rainbow in their hearts, or the Milky Way flowing in the sky...

03 Laser gyro



This gyro never deviates from the axis, never stops rotation, but shines with eternal light.

As a laser gyro, it is at the core of precision strike, rapid response and precise control in the national defense, at the heart of the weapon platform positioning and navigation system, and the cause that many scientific researchers have devoted their lives to.

Now it is always talked about with emotion, for the sight of it will remind one of the thin, spry “stubborn old man”, who is always in a hurry and with a firm gait, as if warning us never to give up!

04 Quantum experiment




In the wonderful quantum world

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is called “ghostly action at a distance”

Its wonderful charm has fascinated countless scientists

Everyone is eager to unveil her mystery as soon as possible

Researchers by focusing their eyes on quantum

Open up a dazzling new world

Debugging the laser frequency doubling optical path, and observing the working state of femtosecond laser

They progress steadily through the original innovation

Rising to challenges and challenging themselves to greater efforts in basic research and high-tech research

05 Space experiments




To achieve in-situ calibration in a simulated vacuum environment

They are totally preoccupied in accurate measurement and optical path calibration

Hegel said that a nation with some people to pay attention to the sky is hopeful

All dreams of human flight

Once looked just “impossible”

While all these “impossibilities” in the eyes of researchers

Are none but the next peak to climb

The lift-off of “Long March”, “Tiantuo”, Shenzhou, and Chang'e

Marks the extension of human explorative efforts

Into the vastness of the universe

Just like a beam of light

Born of hope, also giving birth to hope

Driven by dreams, but also realizing dreams

With light, there will be miracle!

A glimpse into the labs of NUDT shows how hard they are working in places unknown to us, but how brilliantly they are shining with their wisdom and findings…


Source: WeChat Official Account of NUDT

Text: Chen Si

Correspondents: Lei Wen, Ning Fanming, Yang Juan, Zeng Jia

Photo: He Shuyuan et al.

Editor: Chen Si