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Center for National Security and Strategic Studies


Profile of Center for National Security and Strategic Studies


Introduction about CNSSS

Center for National Security and Strategic Studies(CNSSS), Which is one of leading strategic studies institutions at National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), was founded in July, 2010. CNSSS focuses on key strategic issues of national security and international security cooperation from an interdisciplinary perspective of the development of science and technology (S&T). Adhering to the distinctive strategic research style of defense technology, CNSSS is committed to becoming an influential platform for innovative thinking and academic exchange in Asia-Pacific region.

English Sign of CNSSS

Chinese Sign of CNSSS

1.  Commitment of CNSSS

²          Undertakes extensive research on key issues of international security, national security and military strategy, to provide policy consultations and testimonies for Chinese government, the military and NGOs.

²          Provides strategic studies courses for undergraduates, graduates and continuing education seminars at NUDT.

²          Engages in academic exchange and cooperation with foreign and domestic institutes of strategic studies

2. Research Concentration

The research fields mainly include:

²          Science, technology and revolution in military affairs (STM)

²          National security strategy and international security cooperation

²          Space security strategy

²          Cyberspace security strategy

²          Defense technology development strategy


3. Teaching Activities

CNSSS provides courses for NUDT undergraduates, graduates and continuing education seminars. Main strategic studies courses are:

²          Science, technology and national security

²          Information technology and revolution in military affairs

²          Introduction to high-tech weapon systems 


4. Research Teamwork

CNSSS research team has a multidisciplinary background in general, which is composed of 15 full-time researchers and 4 professors, 80 percent have doctorate degrees, and 20 part-time researchers, most of whom are famous professors in their respective technology, engineering or management fields.


5. Academic Exchange

Tracking the national and international security hot issues and major concerns, CNSSS organizes strategic research seminars aperiodically on campus, and organize periodically both national and international seminars on "Strategy on National Security and Development of Science & Technology”. To meet the demand of increasing exchanges, researchers are selected and sent abroad as visiting scholars every year, and well-known experts and academics are invited to give lectures here. Up till now, centered on hot issues, such as the security situation in the Asia-Pacific and the situations in Libya, CNSSS has held 3 seminars at NUDT. Having successfully hosted the 2nd International Seminar on the Strategy of National Security and Development of Science & TechnologyISSTin June 2011, CNSSS will host the 3rd ISST in summer, 2013. CNSSS invited well-known scholars from The Hebrew University, the University of Maryland, National Defense University and some domestic academies of military Sciences to our symposia. In addition, the center has established academic exchange links with the Department of War Studies, King's College London, U.K., and South Africa National Defense College.

Keynote speech by Dr. John Gearson, Director of the Centre for Defence Studies, King's College London, U.K.


The 2nd ISST round-table conference


Dr. Zhu Qichao (left) , Deputy Director of CNSSS and senior research fellow William Lucyshyn (right), Executive Director of the Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise (CPPPE), theUniversityofMaryland


6. Contact information

Tel: +86-731-84574824

Fax: +86-731-84574824

Coordinator: Windy Wang


Add:137 Yanwachi Street, Kaifu District,Changsha,Hunan,China

Postal code: 410073


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