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Innovation Base and Activities of Undergraduates

The extra-curricular science and technology innovation activities are an extension and supplement to classroom teaching and serve as the fertile soil to nurture innovative and creative abilities. The university adheres to the target of quality development in its pursuit to develop students’ ability; it upholds the time-honored tradition of the Military Academy of Engineering in Harbin and the Yinhe Spirit; it promotes the practice of truth and innovation in accordance with the university motto “Excel in Virtue and Knowledge; Strengthen the Armed Forces and the Nation”; it nurtures high moral principles such as patriotism, loyalty, and devotion within students. The university places great emphasis on the organic integration of education in and out of classroom, and actively organizes extracurricular science and technology innovation activities of various themes and forms to guide students as they apply what they’ve learned and to put their knowledge into practice. 

Every year, the university holds traditional events like the Electronic Science and Technology Festival, the “Light of Yinhe” Computer Cultural Festival, Mathematics and Physics Month, and the English Culture Month; the university has developed a vigorous campus atmosphere of science, technology, and culture through such themed events as an exhibition of innovation works, expert forums, knowledge contests, art performances, etc. The university encourages students to participate in the Mathematical Modeling Contest, the ACM Collegiate Programming Contest, the Electronic Design Contest, the “Challenge Cup” and the “Innovation Cup”, and the Students’ Extra-curricular Scientific Works Contest, etc, all of which have resulted in a large number of extra-curricular science and technology innovation work..

Since the 10th Five-Year Plan, undergraduates from NUDT have made outstanding achievements in various disciplinary and innovation contests at home and abroad, and have won a total of more than 100 first and second prizes.  Furthermore, undergraduates have also won a total of more than 100 first and second prizes, which has served as a great stimulus to innovative student ideas and potentials and has provided a great arena for improving student innovation skills.  The university regularly hosts academic lectures on military high technology and the latest developments in science and technology given by first-rate national and world-class scholars such as Professor Zhou Guangzhao, Professor Yang Fujia, Professor Yang Shuzi, and Roy Glauber, Nobel Prize winner and the father of quantum optics.  University students also participate in high-level academic conferences both at home and abroad, which broaden their vision and stir their desire for knowledge. The university’s innovation base, teaching and research laboratories, and scientific research system for public service are open to undergraduates who are encouraged to make full use of laboratory resources and participate in scientific research. Laboratories provide students with the tools and tutoring support needed to nurture their innovative spirit and scientific literacy.

Students improve their skills and intensify their innovative spirit through participation in extracurricular science and technology activities. Through the enhancement of both skills and innovative spirit, students strive for new heights; students form the solid foundation from which to soar.




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