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With the goal of producing highly trained military personnel, the National University of Defense Technology nurtures two categories of talent in undergraduate education: engineers and commanding officers. Academic/discipline-based and technology/specialty-oriented engineers are expected to take key technology posts in the development of informationization and equipment systems in the PLA. Commanding officers, both skill/ability-based and command-oriented, are expected to complete an advanced undergraduate education within the university’s environment of comprehensive disciplines and in accordance with our country’s national higher education standards. In addition, these commanding officers are to demonstrate a solid foundation of scientific, cultural, military and political knowledge for their military life and career. The university adheres to the teaching traditions of “solid foundation, emphasis on drills and strong skills”, takes full advantage of its comprehensive scope, merges high-quality educational resources, develops curriculum by integrating science and the military, and has developed its own distinctive methods of nurturing incoming military talent. The university organizes various types of extra-curricular academic contests in science and technology, plus science and technology cultural festivals, to develop the students’ innovative skills. 

Since 2000, the students from NUDT have won over 150 awards in national and international contests. The undergraduate education department has won such awards as the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest., the Dynamics Contest, the Mechanical Innovative Design Contest, and the Information Security Contest.  In addition, students from the university have won 31 awards, including the special prize at the National Challenge Cup Scientific and Technological Works Contest. In order to cultivate talent as efficiently as possible, the university implements, individualized curriculum for top undergraduates and examination exemption for top students headed toward postgraduate study and pursuing PhD degrees.

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