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Best Paper Awards

The 100 Most Influential International Academic Papers in China, 2007:

TitleElectromagnetic scattering by mixed conducting/dielectric objects using higher-order MOM

JournalProgress in Electromagnetics Research-pier, 200666: 51-63

AuthorWang Shaogang, Guan Xinpu, Wang Dangwei, Ma Xingyi, and Su Yi

              College of Electronic Science and Engineering


The 100 Most Influential National Academic Papers in China, 2007:

1TitleVirtual Computing Environments iVCE: Concept and Architecture

JournalSCIENCE IN CHINA Ser. E Information Sciences, 200636(10):1081 AuthorLu Xicheng

2TitleA Recommendation-Based Peer-to-Peer Trust Model

JournalJournal of Software2004.15(04):571Author: Dou Wen, College of Computer

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