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Education Department

The Education Department at NUDT, have responsibilities to:

1. Formulate NUDT’s future directions, coordinate and manage key projects of NUDT, and undertake the daily work of the Planning and Key Project Office.

2. Oversee the training of qualified personnel, conduct teaching research and reform, and administrate the Education Committee of NUDT.

3. Organize and provide guidance for the curriculum development of undergraduate education and continuing education, and conduct teaching activities of undergraduate education and continuing education.

4. Administer the academic examination, records, registry and conferment of diplomas, exempt eligible students from Entrance Test for MA/MS Candidates, and awards scholarship.

5. Engage in the team development of the teaching staff and administrators, assess teachers on-the-job performance, evaluate their academic qualifications for advancement, and hire qualified part-time instructors.

6. Provide support for teaching and research; develop laboratories, public facilities, and training simulation system/facilities; manage the teaching fund and other supporting funds; develop and supply textbooks; maintain an inventory of teaching and research materials.

7. Formulate and implement the annual plan of NUDT; administrate the Office of Information Steering Committee.

8. Establish the organizational structure of NUDT; supervise the administration, security, and communication of NUDT; be responsible for development and management of NUDT.

9. Manage the foreign affairs of NUDT; process requests for short-term stays abroad of faculty members, foreign experts and visiting scholars, and employment of long-term foreign teachers.

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