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Flight into the Future Project Contest: 2nd Session
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Time: August 2008 - July 2010.

The contest works should be sent to the Organization Committee prior Jan. 31st of 2010.

Contestants: Undergraduates, graduates, young science and technology workers born after July 1st, 1978, either by individual participants or in teams of up to five members.

Contents of Contest Works: The innovation works in the field of space exploration and peaceful utilization of space resources with great potential for significant profits.

Form of Contest Works: The contest works should include scientific, technical and economic business plan of the proposed project proving its potential for practical realization and expected economic and social benefits. The works may be inventions, research papers, and innovative programs in the forms of real objects, structure models, design layouts, schematic diagrams, and three-dimensional animations.

All the works should be in English and printed by A4 paper (Chinese Contestants should also prepare a Chinese version). The printed works, a CD for works, as well as the registration form should all be sent to the Chinese Society of Astronautics. Contest works and an abstract for the work should also be e-mailed to The Committee will confirm receipt of all correspondence from the contest participants.

Contact: Miss Liu Fang       Call: +86 731 84572335

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