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National Key Laboratory of New Ceramic Fibres and Composites
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The National Key Laboratory of New Ceramic Fibers and Composites was given approval to start its construction project in September 1998. It passed inspection and officially became operational in January 2003. The laboratory consists of three research sections:

·        Special ceramic fibers

·        Ceramic thermal structure materials

·        Stealth materials.

The laboratory mainly focuses on research in materials design and preceramic polymer pyrolysis technology, ceramic fibers preparation technology, preceramic polymer pyrolysis composite preparation technology, performance measurement, evaluation of materials, camouflage and stealth technology.

This laboratory offers the first-category discipline PhD program of materials science and engineering, the post-doctoral research station of material science and engineering, the Hunan Province Key Discipline of materials science, and material physics and chemistry. The laboratory boasts a research team which includes nine professors, seven PhD supervisors, 22 master supervisors, two academicians of CAE Professor Cai Hongnian and Professor Wen Lishi. 71% of the faculty members have PhD degrees. The laboratory, quite active in academic exchanges, has established good academic relationships with Chungnam National University of Korea, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Tokyo University and the National Materials Institute of Japan, Sydney University of Australia, University of Bordeaux and Lyon University of France as well as many distinguished universities in China.

The laboratory has advanced research and experiment facilities. The laboratory has an annual-500-kg continuous SiC production line, a ceramic base composite design and molding system, a functional composite material design and processing system, and an advanced materials analysis and testing platform, 4,500-m2 laboratory housing, and over 38-million-worth of experimental equipment.

During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the laboratory has undertaken over 100 research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Plan (National Advanced Technological and Research Plan) projects, National 973 Plan (National Key Basic Research Development Plan) projects, with annual research funds per capita exceeding 500,000 Yuan. The laboratory has yielded a series of high level research achievements prominently represented by continuous SiC fibers and Si-C-N nano ceramic powder and its composite ceramics, and established preceramic polymer pyrolysis technology with distinctive features. The laboratory has won  second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Awards and  first-prize and second-prize in the ministerial science and technology progress awards six times. It has been granted ten National Invention Patents and has published five monographs. The faculty has published over 800 high-level academic papers, and more than 200 papers have been indexed by SCI and EI. Ever since 2001, approximately 50 PhD candidates and 100 master candidates have graduated from the laboratory and a majority of them have taken on leading roles in teaching and research in PLA academies and institutes.

Orienting their minds towards the future of scientific development, the staff of the laboratory carry out the historic mission of the PLA faithfully, abide by the university motto of “Excel in Virtue and Knowledge; Strengthen the Armed Forces and Nation”. They seek the truth, strive to nurture our exceptional students and high-level achievements for the purpose of establishing an informatized armed force and winning the information war.




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