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Graduate Education

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When the Military Academy of Engineering was in Harbin, the university started piloting graduate education, making the university one of the earliest military academies offering graduate degrees. Along with the historical development of national defense and military modernization our graduate education has made important contributions to the development of national defense and military modernization. It has become an important base for the nurturing of top PLA personnel. The university has contributed 13,101 Masters and 1,965 PhDs to the development of the national defense and the military, with 5,954 graduates including 2,236 PhD candidates on campus. The university was one of the 22 institutions approved by the State Council to establish graduate school after graduate education was restored in China in 1978. In 1996, the Graduate School of NUDT passed the national examination and hung out its ‘shingle’ with the approval of the State Council and Central Military Commission.

NUDT’s educational strength has created a favorable environment and disciplined academic atmosphere to nurture the graduates’ growth. In addition, the university has developed a series of advanced d isciplines as well as a disciplinary system with a focus on engineering, the integration of science and engineering; and the coordinated development of science, engineering, military science, management, and social sciences.   

Currently across these 10 disciplines, the university boasts:

·        13 first-category discipline PhD programs

·        19 first-category discipline master programs

·        51 PhD programs

·        5 first-category Nation Key Disciplines

·        3 second-category National Key Disciplines

·        2 National Key Development Disciplines

·        35 Hunan Province Key Disciplines

In addition, NUDT also has:

·        11 National 985 Project Innovation Platforms and Innovation Bases

·        4 National Key Laboratories

·        1 National 863 Plan (National Advanced Technological and Research Plan) Key Laboratory

·        1 Key Laboratory in Military Academies

NUDT has 11 engineering master programs and is the military’s only educational unit for master degrees in software engineering and public administration (MPA). Such disciplines as computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, optical engineering, management science and engineering, etc., ranked highest in the overall evaluation of first-category disciplines.

The university has established a fairly standard graduate education program, which is integrated with scientific research. It has developed a high-level well-structured team of Master/PhD supervisors with a strong team spirit. Currently, the college has 290 in-post PhD supervisors and 935 Master supervisors, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Science, four academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, seven members of Disciplinary Evaluation Committee of the State Council, one member of PLA Academic Degrees Committee, 14 members of National 863 Plan (National Advanced Technological and Research Plan) Experts Panel, 11 members of New/Trans-Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from Ministry of Education, and 13 members of National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project. The university has developed a relatively complete system of innovation funding support and academic exchanges, which has contributed to the writing of exceptional graduate theses and produced 11 National 100 Best Doctoral Dissertations with the selection rate among the top of universities and colleges in China.

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