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Institute of Military Political Work
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The institute has three research sections:

· Political Work

·  Computerized Political Work

·  Military Psychology

 Our faculty includes four professors, 15 associate professors, two PhD supervisors, 13 supervisors for students in the master’s program, 12 PhD degree holders, and four visiting scholars from the USA, UK and Japan. Since the institute’s founding, one faculty member has won the gold medal at the PLA Talent Cultivation Awards, 11 have won silver medals, and the Research Section of Military Psychology was awarded the “National March 8th Red Flag Group” in 2006.

The institute now offers one Ph.D. program, Political Work, which has three research areas:

·   Information Technology and Political Warfare,

·   Military Ideological and Political Education, and

·   Comparative Study of Political Work in the Military between China and Foreign Countries) and

The institutes two master’s programs are listed below:

·  Political Work in the Military with four research areas: Informationization of Political Work in the Military, Political Warfare under Informationized Conditions, PLA Grass-Roots Political Work, Political Work within Foreign and Taiwan Troops, and the latter having three research areas:

·  Applied Psychology with research areas in: Psychological Education and Channeling for Servicemen, Psychological Warfare under Informationized Conditions, Man-Machine Engineering and Psychology in Weapons Design.

The institute is responsible for teaching the following courses to undergraduates:

The Cultivation of Ethical Thought & the Fundamentals of Jurisprudence for Servicemen

Fine Traditions & Historical Missions of the People’s Armed Forces

Introduction to Media, Psychology and Jurisprudence in Warfare

Meanwhile, the institute has 31 courses open to undergraduate and graduate students in Political Work in the Military, Public Service Administration, Military Cultural Administration, such as:

 Principles of Political Work in the Military,

Science of Military Ideological and Political Education,

 Political Work within Foreign Troops,

 Commanding Automation System,

Information Technology and Political Work in the Military

Psychology of Ideological Word in the Military.

“Consolidate Young Cadets’ Ideal and Belief with the Important Thoughts of Three Represents” won the PLA Teaching Achievements Award’s first prize, and “Cultivate First-Rate Military Talent with the Correct Pursuits in Life and the Latest Achievements in Marxist Sinicization” won second prize.

 During the past five years, the Institute has successively undertaken and completed over 60 important projects including military scientific research planning projects for the National Social Science Foundation and the PLA; the Institute has developed over 10 sets of software; it has published 15 monographs and textbooks, over 300 academic theses and more than 15 consultation reports. such as “Theory and Technological Application of the Informationization of Political Work in the Military”, “Comparative Study on Military Talent Cultivation Between China and the US”, and “Study of Sheets in Psychological Warfare”, as well as more than 300 academic theses such as “On Innovative Development of National Defense Technology Under Informationized Conditions”, “Push Forward the Construction of Informationization of Political Work in the Military at the New Historic Starting Point”, and “Historical Inspiration From National Defense Technology Innovation in China”; the institute has produced more than 20 consultation reports. “The Operational Functions of Political Work in the Military under Informationized Conditions” and “Several Problems Concerning Strategic Psychological Warfare under Informationized Conditions” each won third prize at the first PLA Excellent Achievements in Political Theory Research Award. “A Preliminary Probe into Informationization of Ideological and Political Work”,  and “Features and Developmental Trends of Modern Psychological Warfare” each won third prize at the fourth Excellent Achievements in Political Theory Research for Military Academies (sentence rearranged). The department has also hosted several symposiums over the last 6 years, some which were covered by CCTV-7 and the PLA Daily news. The department hosted the Symposium of Information Technology and Ideological and Policy Activity in December of 2005, the fourth Annual Meeting and Theoretical Seminar of the Political Work Branch, China Association for Military Science in May of 2006, the Experience and Exchange of Political Work in the Military at the Grassroots Level over the Thirty Years of Reform and Open Door Policy & the First “One Hundred Company Project” Theoretical Symposium in December of 2008, which was covered in detail by CCTV-7 and the PLA Daily.

The institute now has a comprehensive research environment for its “985 Project II”. The Institute of Political Work in the Military offers a pleasant learning environment with sufficient hands-on opportunities and a wealth of reference data. The institute has purchased over 5000 copies of specialized books along with subscribing to foreign political journals and newspapers.  The institute also maintains steady contact with pertinent Chinese government departments and companies that provide a wealth of information needed for teacher research and our master program candidates.

The institute has designed its own curriculum of study for graduate students in accordance with “firm Marxist beliefs, excellent military qualities, a profound scientific and technological foundation, prominent innovative skills, and strong physical and mental powers”. Since 2001, when the first group of students enrolled in the master’s program, the institute has produced graduates who have become the backbone and a driving force in the modernization of the armed forces. In 2007, 2008, and 2009, the institute enrolled four PhD candidates. In 2008, Wan Gang’s master’s thesis was awarded the “PLA Excellent MA Thesis”.

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