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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences
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The department is responsible for teaching the following courses:

·   Introduction to Mao Tse-Tung Thought and the Socialist Theory System with Chinese Characteristics

·   Ideological & Moral Cultivation and the Foundation of Law

·   Economics and Politics in the Contemporary World

·   Introduction to Defense Economics

·   Military Jurisprudence

·   International Jurisprudence

Everything - from the design of the objectives aimed at nurturing, to the focus of research areas, to determining the direction of research – falls within our military guidelines. At the same time, the department makes full use of the university’s scientific and technological advantages, which also keeps the needs of the military in mind as it constantly improves its scientific approach to teaching and research. Research areas include:

1.Defense Economics:  Equipment Construction Investment, Equipment Procurement Market, Equipment Economy Mobilization, Equipment Human Resources

2.International Relations:  International Disarmament and Arms Control, International Technology Exchange and International Security, Military Aid & Trade and International Security

3.Political Science including: National Defense Politics as well as International Politics

4.Military Jurisprudence

 In recent years, faculty members have published over 600 professional theses (200 of which are in key journals), over 10 monographs, and completed more than 10 provincial/ministerial and national projects.

The department - with three disciplines, one major, and the 11 specialized research areas established thus far - now has a young, highly qualified, and talented faculty team with strong skills to tackle key problems and always focuses on the frontiers of the field. Two faculty team members have won Government Special Allowance (GSA) from the State Council, one faculty member is a chief expert at the Hunan Provincial Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences, and one is a leader in his discipline within Hunan Province universities.

The department objectives are:

1. To develop department majors - who portray Chinese military values - into nationally-renowned majors in their disciplines within 3 to 5 years

2. To identify and cultivate prominently qualified students

3. To nurture and create a faculty team which is well-structured in age, knowledge, scholarship, and professional title and which has strong research skills and earns a reputation for itself

4. To achieve a series of influential theoretical research findings

5. To raise the department’s overall scientific research skills

6. To significantly improve this university’s’ ability to strengthen its fields of study


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