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Department of Foreign Languages
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During its 50 years of growth, the Department of Foreign Languages faculty has carried on the tradition of Harbin’s Military Engineering Academy, has promoted Yinhe spirit, and has contributed significantly to the development of both the university and national defense by shouldering the responsibility of “Excel in Virtue and Knowledge; Strengthen the Armed Forces and the Nation”, by placing the highest importance on devotion and truth, and by advancing with the times.

At present, the department has six divisions:

·      College English Education and Research Center

·      International Exchange and Training Center

·      Translation Education and Research Section

·      Applied Linguistics Education and Research Section

·      Literature and Culture Education and Research Section

·      Language Testing and Technology Research Center

There are five professors, 27 associate professors, two senior engineers, seven PhD degree holders, 11 PhD candidates, and 12 master’s supervisors, three winners of the PLA Excellent Teacher award, and 2 gold medal and 15 silver medal winners of the PLA Talent-Cultivation Award. The faculty is well diversified in terms of age, degree, professional title, and academic origin, and has evolved into a top teaching and research team with prominent military characteristics and an outstanding ability to serve the armed forces. The faculty teaches undergraduate and graduate foreign language courses, courses to master’s in engineering and to MPA candidates, and various undergraduate and graduate courses to English majors. The languages offered are English, French, Japanese and Russian. Since 2004, the faculty has won 15 teaching awards at both the military and provincial levels and 24 at the university level and faculty members have published over 20 monographs, translations and textbooks. The faculty publishes 80 papers every year (about 10 of which are in key journals), and has 22 completed and ongoing projects worth 9.6 million in total.

The department currently offers two undergraduate programs (English for Science & Technology and Business English), and two graduate programs (Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and English Language and Literature), one of which, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, is rated as a Hunan Province key discipline in the 11th Five-Year Plan. The department has excellent software and hardware teaching and research facilities. The department has 18 language laboratories, a set of satellite receivers, four sets of campus frequency modulation (FM) systems, four large original corpora from home and abroad, and one foreign language reference room which boasts over 60,000 original edition foreign language books, journals and theses, which are available to all teachers and students at NUDT.

 The main research areas of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics are: Military Language, Military English Corpus and Translation, and Language Cognition and Military Application. The research starts with Theory and Teaching Methodology, Classroom Management, Language Testing, Language Projects Assessment, Teacher Development and Education Technology.

The research areas of English Language and Literature study are: British and American War Literature, European and American Science-Fiction Literature, and American Military Culture. The purpose is to view the deep-rooted causes of western revolutions from a cultural perspective through the study of literary war works and to see the impact wars have had on servicemen and on human beings as a whole. Of equal importance is fostering the foreign language skills necessary when working in international military exchange, military diplomacy, and for literature and cultural studies in the target countries.

 The department has formed a unique Four-in-One Model: humanities, science and technology, military, and innovation. The entire process is endowed with the ideal of nurturing qualified foreign language students and emphasizes both foreign language essentials along with a solid science and technology foundation.

 The department, firmly established and highly qualified, has made impressive achievements over the past 50 years. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the department has actively responded to the call of “Advance with the Times”, and has made full use of the development opportunities present in the 10th and 11th Five-Year Plans to expand the faculty team, promote discipline construction, and improve its level of talent cultivation. At present, the department is conducting research on the 12th Five-Year Plan as it strives for even better and faster development.

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