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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, founded in June 2004 and located in the Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, covers an area of 564 mu (approximately 376,188 m2). The campus, originally built in 1950 and dotted with gardens, and mature trees, offers a beautiful learning environment.

The college is responsible for developing an innovative national base for philosophy and the social sciences and currently offers the programs listed below. The college, with four Hunan Province Key Disciplines and two Hunan Province Research Bases, has developed a preliminary platform for the humanities and social sciences, which reflects its unique characteristics.

Ph.D Program

·         Philosophy of Science and Technology

·         Defense Economics

·         Political Science

Master Program

·         Philosophy of Science and Technology

·         International Relations

·         Applied Psychology

·         Marxist Theory

·         Politcal Science

·         Defense Economics

·         Modern History of China

·         English Language and Literature

·         Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Undergraduate Program

·         English for Science and Technology

·         Political Science

In view of meeting the needs of nurturing our talented students, the college remains committed to the needs of society as its guide, with nurturing top students as its core, and faculty development as its foundation. The college has formed its own unique approach in the areas of ideological and political education, quality humanistic education, and foreign language education.

The college attaches great importance to creating a learning environment and has developed an advanced approach to teaching through the introduction of the following systems: a multimedia self-learning system for English study which is network-based and interactive, a teaching management system, a testing system for English proficiency and competency, and a system of resources for English language learning. The integrated teaching model of “self-learning plus classroom teaching” has been adopted to provide students with various multi-level textbooks and courses and has led to excellent results in student achievement. Students have performed brilliantly in various competitions within their fields of study and NUDT has been ranked top among universities in China for a number of years due to its students passing the CET-4 and CET-6 on their first attempt.


The college, standing on solid discipline construction and targeting scientific research, has developed a strong comprehensive team of faculty members with firm Marxist beliefs, advanced scientific levels, comprehensive abilities, and huge potential. Teachers at this college are graduates from all the top universities in China and include 13 National Eminent Teachers. Faculty members have published more than 100 monographs, translations, and textbooks, and over 2,800 papers, completed dozens of key projects for both the National Social Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation, and others. 

Besides offering some unique humanistic courses, the college also hosts a series of academic and cultural activities such as singing competitions, speaking competitions, debates, as well as an English Culture Month.  To foster a cultural and artistic foundation within students, the college offers training in choral direction, dancing, calligraphy, and fiction writing.  The college has also set up its own websites such as “Bridge between Minds”, “Sword and Plough”, and “English Online”. “Bridge between Minds” conducts face-to-face, button-to-button, and line-to-line psychological consultation activities for all students at this university. The People’s Daily, the PLA Daily, and CCTV have each reported several times on the “Bridge between Minds” and the “Bridge between Minds” team has been awarded the title of National “March 8th Red Flag Group”.

The college will proceed to deepen teaching reform, enhance curriculum building, and contribute to the new high-quality talent training and the construction of an internationally-renowned college of humanities and social sciences with a PLA perspective.

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