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Network Center
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Since its founding in 1995, the Network Center has been committed to the development of basic Internet services and application services, and has become an important part of the public service system of the university. The center has four subdivisions: network section, system section, security section and service section.

Its responsibilities are: digital campus planning; infrastructure construction, system maintenance, management, services, technological development; information technology teaching and training for students on and off the campus; research and development of provincial and municipal Internet-related projects; and internet services for teachers and students within the university.

The Campus Intranet construction started in 1995 with total investments now reaching more than 100 million Yuan. The network connects the three campuses and their main teaching buildings, office buildings, student dorms and teacher apartments. The center’s SUN, IBM, HP and DELL servers provide storage, Internet access and other services to meet NUDT’s needs.  With service and support as its theme, and development, research and maintenance as its base, the Network Center continues to advance and pursue new technologies while providing research-oriented comprehensive capabilities to the university.


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