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The Computing Center was first founded in 1970 as a computer lab affiliated to the general laboratory of the Computer Department. In 1973, it was expanded as the No. 1 laboratory of the department. In September 1981, the Computing Center of NUDT was officially set up and subordinated to the Education Department of the university. After several years of development, it is now a subordinate unit to the Information Center which is a direct subdivision of the Education Department.

The Computing Center provides ten computer laboratories on the three campuses with a total of 1,338 computers and is accessible throughout the year. Three of the laboratories are located on campus No.1 with 188 computers, five on campus No. 3 with 910 computers, and two on campus No. 4 with 240 computers. The laboratories are available nine hours daily from Monday thru Saturday. The library has installed over thirty kinds of frequently-used software on the computers, and offers approximately forty relevant computer courses per year. Also, first-line services are provided for over 13,000 students in computer-related teaching, learning, practice and surfing online, and these have become a comprehensive experimental base for students’ lab exercises, network teaching, hardware assembly experiments and network experiments.

To increase student practice ability and strengthen perceptual cognition of computers, the center built its own “computer assembly lab” which has assisted over 8,000 students who have utilized the set-up.  The computer assembly lab is open six hours daily, Monday thru Saturday. Well-designed lab courses and carefully-organized teaching procedures have not only improved student practice abilities, but have also intensified their perceptual cognition of computer software and hardware, and thus received a warm welcome from both teachers and students.


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