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College of Aerospace Science and Engineering

Department of Astronautical Science and Engineering
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This department, re-established in 1999 when the new NUDT was founded, contains four teaching and research sections: aerodynamics, aircraft structure, propulsion theory and engineering, and aircraft overall design. The department currently has two first-level discipline Ph.D. degree programs, six second-level discipline master’s degree programs, and two post-doctoral research stations in dynamics, aeronautical and astronautical science and technology. Among which aeronautical and astronautical propulsion theory and engineering is the National Key Discipline, aircraft design is the national key development discipline, and fluid dynamics and solid dynamics are the Hunan Province Key Discipline.

The department has a team of high-quality faculty, with young and middle-aged disciplinary and academic leaders as its core. The department now has 7 Ph.D. supervisors, 15 master supervisors, and 27 teachers with senior professional and technical titles, with 75% Ph.D. degree holders. The department has produced three Hunan Province excellent doctoral dissertations, and nine Hunan Province excellent master theses.

The main research areas of the department are as follows:

      Computational fluid dynamics and application

This research area mainly focuses on aircraft aerodynamic layout and analysis, non-flow and dynamic characteristics, high-resolution numerical calculation, numerical simulation and aeroelasticity of the unsteady flow problem of multi-bodies separation and object deformation leading to fluid-solid coupling.

        Hypersonic aerodynamics

This department has mainly carried out research in the fields of hypersonic aircraft integrated design, hypersonic aerodynamic/thermal forecast, air-breathing aircraft topological optimization design, re-entry aircraft aero-optical effect, plasma numerical simulation approach, and non-equilibrium flow simulation approach and application.

l        Experimental aerodynamics and application

This research area focuses on subsonic/transonic/supersonic/hypersonic aerodynamic experimental simulation technology and facilities, including the design theory and technology of supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels, aerodynamic force/aerodynamic heating experimental technology, advanced contact fine testing technology of aircraft flow field structure and its industrial and military application.

l        Aircraft structure analysis and design

This research area mainly focuses on material constitutive theory, fracture and damage dynamics theory, interface dynamics theory, structural integrity analysis and storage life prediction of solid rocket engine, dynamic and static response and stability analysis, optimization and test of linear elastic, viscoelastic, plastic materials and composite materials, structural vibration control technology, non-linear dynamic theory and application.

l        Beam energy and electromagnetic propulsion

This research area mainly focuses on numerical simulation of aspirated pulse laser detonation thrusters, solar thermal thrusters’ high temperature ceramic heating chamber preparation, and laser and discharge ablation pulse plasma thrusters.

l        Propulsion system dynamics and status monitoring

This research area mainly focuses on reusable carrier propulsion system fault diagnosis and health monitoring, dynamic modeling and simulation in the fluid rocket engine transient process, satellite propulsion system fault diagnosis and self-management.

l        Rocket engine combustion and flow

This research area mainly focuses on combustion stability of rocket engine, ram flow and combustion mechanism, synthetic jet and thrusters vector control, gelled propellants atomization and combustion technology.

l        Aircraft overall design technology

This research area mainly focuses on the overall project demonstration of aircraft such as missiles, carriers, etc, multi-disciplinary coordinated design, precision analysis and evaluation, spacecraft recovery and aerospace rescue technology.


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