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Hypersonic Spacecraft Technology Research Center
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The Hypersonic Spacecraft Technology Research Center, founded in October 2009, has four research stations: hypersonic spacecraft overall technology, hypersonic propulsion technology, gas ejector technology, and combustion flow and heat transmission. The center has 33 staff members, including 19 with senior profession titles and 31 Ph.D. degree holders. The research team of Hypersonic Propulsion Technology was evaluated as the Innovation Team of “Changjiang Scholar and Innovation Team Development Program” of Ministry of Education.

In recent years, based on the national key discipline of Aeronautical and Astronautical Propulsion Theory and Engineering and the national key development discipline of Aircraft Design, together with fluid dynamics, solid dynamics, materials science, etc, the center has maintained its features and advantages in rocket engine research and made significant progress in hypersonic spacecraft overall design, scramjet, ground simulation test, hypersonic flow combustion mechanism, and won the second prize of National Award for Technological Invention.

With the support of related programs in the country, the Ministry of Education, and PLA, the center has built a hypersonic spacecraft technology experimental base covering an area of 120 mu (approximately 80,040 m2) with 11,000 m2 construction area.

This area is equipped with:

·       Series of scramjet directly-connected experiment platform and free jet experiment system

·       Laser spectrum combustion flow diagnosis PLIF system

·       Malven laser particle sizer

·       PDA particle dynamic analyzer

·       High-speed schlieren, PIV, CVI/CVD advanced observation and measurement devices

·       Multi-machine parallel computing cluster system.

The center, responsible for all levels of academic instruction and research, recently constructed the Fundamental Research Experiment Building along with sever research experiment platforms. These platforms are equipped with advanced experiment instruments and measurement devices, which are completely open to students and provide sound support for their high-level theses research, development of experiment skills and their knowledge.

The main research areas of the department are as follows:

l        Aircraft overall design technology - hypersonic spacecraft overall integrated design, spacecraft layout optimization and application.

l        Hypersonic propulsion technology - scramjet, jet ground experiment and flight experiment technology, hypersonic spacecraft body/propulsion system integrated design, supersonic combustion and flow mechanism.

l        Gas ejector technology - aeronautical and astronautical engine space simulation experiment system.

l        Engine combustion, flow and heat transmission mechanism- rocket engine combustion stability, hypersonic combustion flow mechanism, optical diagnosis technology in combustion process, and combustion flow process modeling.

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