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Post-Doctoral Research Station

Post-doctoral Research Station of Computer Science and Technology
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The station is mainly based on the first-category discipline of Computer Science and Technology, which is comprised of three second-category disciplines of Computer System Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, and Computer Application Technology, all four of which are national key disciplines. In addition, the station is also based on the discipline of Microelectronics and Solid Electronics (Hunan Provincial Key discipline and National Key development discipline). The station is among the first research stations set up in China. The discipline of computer science and technology ranked top in the national evaluation of first-category disciplines in 2002 and 2006. High-performance computer research group was awarded the title of the first PLA Scientific and Technological Innovation Group and the advanced unit of the PLA talent development. The team of high-performance computing was listed among the first Changjiang Scholar innovative team development plan of the Ministry of Education. The team of high-performance microprocessors was selected as the Changjiang Scholar innovation team development plan. The station was evaluated as the National Excellent Post-Doctoral Research Station in 2005.

Main research areas include computer science theory, high-performance parallel computer architecture, computer network and communication, distributed computer system, military microprocessor design, system software, software engineering, distributed computing software, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing application software, military simulation and virtual reality technology, information system, military information security, and computer graphics and images. The station currently has one Chinese Academy of Science academician, one Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, one Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education, 54 PhD supervisors, and the National Key Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Processing.


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