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College of Aerospace Science and Engineering

Department of Aerospace
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The Department of Aerospace is mainly engaged in fundamental and experimental research in the fields of space security and aerospace application. It is also responsible for the education of new high-quality aerospace specialists. The department has a complete education system of undergraduates, master and Ph.D. candidates, and a distinct advantage in terms of disciplinary research areas. The department enrolls undergraduates with majors in either space engineering or missile engineering. As well as master and Ph.D. candidates and post-doctoral researchers from the two previously mentioned first-level disciplines (aeronautical and astronautical science and technology, dynamics). The department consists of four teaching and research sections: space security technology, aerospace experiment and control, aerospace system analysis and simulation, and aerospace target recognition and remote sensing.

The department enjoys first-class teaching and research facilities, such as dynamics, manned space and deep space exploration technology, optical image technology, and system test and control.

The main research areas of the department are as follows:

l        Aerospace System Analysis and Simulation

As a cross research area of dynamics, aircraft design, simulation technology and visualization technology, the research area, based on manned space flight and military aerospace, aims to develop simulation systems of different sizes and functions to simulate various functions of aircraft such as space shuttle, missile, rocket, satellite, and their system dynamics.  It also carries out simulation experiments used in concept demonstration, aided design and simulation demonstration of aircraft overall program, and researches on aerospace system analysis and simulation platform technology, aerospace mission planning and operation technology, manned space overall analysis and design, manned space simulation system development and application, manned space assembly and operation technology, etc.

l        Aerospace Image Measurement and Vision Navigation

The department, based on optical images, researches high-precision measurement of deformation parameter and motion parameters of various target structures, spacecraft vision navigation and theories, approaches, and technology of optical mechanics interference fringe pattern. It also provides support for aeronautical and astronautical experiment measurement and control, vision navigation of intersection and landing of aircraft and spacecraft, spacecraft image homing, and space target monitoring.

l        Satellite Navigation Technology and Application

This research area focuses on constellation and performance analysis of satellite navigation system, monitoring station data processing and analysis, master control station data processing and analysis, user location and navigation method and its precision analysis, performance evaluation of satellite navigation system, auto navigation technology, satellite navigation system simulation platform design and its key technologies. It also provides key technological support for the development and application of satellite navigation system.

l        Space Security and In-orbit Service Application Technology

Oriented towards in-orbit service, this research area focuses on space robot mission planning technology, space electromagnetic docking technology, space tether system design and dynamics. This covers research in space-robot function behavior modelingshort-range approaching path planning and control, robot arm dynamics and operation planning, electromagnetic docking non-linear control technology, electromagnetic docking ground demonstration technology, space tether rigid-flexible coupling dynamics, contact of flexible tether and rigid body, and impact dynamics.

l        Space Flight Dynamics and Flight Experiment Technology

This department is chiefly responsible for teaching and innovative research in related fields such as theoretical dynamics, space flight dynamics, aircraft guidance and control, aircraft experiment precision analysis, and aerospace mission analysis. It has developed its own unique features in the areas of aircraft experiment and demonstration technology, near space aircraft mission planning, guidance and control, deep space exploration mission analysis with the synthesis of fundamental research and application research.

l        Aircraft Dynamics and Control

This research area mainly focuses on the motion laws and subsequent phenomena governing the interaction of the complicated inner system such as control, engine, structure, etc. with the complex outer environment of the aircraft, theories and approaches of aircraft control, design and experiment technology of the system, with the research subjects covering various carrier rockets, missiles, man-made satellites, manned spacecraft, space shuttles and space stations.


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