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Post-Doctoral Research Station

Post-Doctoral Research Station of Physics
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Post-Doctoral Research Station of Physics has developed an assembled an excellent faculty and research facilities.  The discipline of Atomic and Molecular Physics was granted PhD authorization and evaluated as a Key Discipline in Hunan Province in the year 2000 and a National key Discipline in 2007.

 Every research area of the discipline closely centers on the requirements of national defense science and technology development. The research in the field of optical science has developed optical engineering into the national key discipline. The research in quantum information has produced the National 100 Best Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. Currently, the General Armament Department and Industry for National Defense has accorded great importance to the application of the discipline of physics in the military, and granted sufficient funds and projects in "985 Project", and laid a solid foundation for scientific research and instruction.

Main research areas include atoms, molecules and cluster structure and collision dynamics, Particle Physics Phenomenology and quantum field theory, quantum information, non-neutral plasma, fusion plasma and the particle simulation, photonic crystal and light field physics, and optical information and optical computing.

In recent years, the experimental study of quantum information and THz field has also made a lot of achievements. The station has a 250-m2-area of ultra-clean laboratory, femto second laser systems, continuous-wave Ti sapphire laser system, OPO system and assorted experiment equipment and test system. The test systems are capable of conducting experiments and research in the fields of non-linear optics, quantum information and quantum computing, THz generation and detection mechanism, THz imaging, light and matter interaction.


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