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Post-Doctoral Research Station

Post-Doctoral Research Station of Materials Science and Engineering
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Mobile postdoctoral station of materials science and engineering, built in 2000 with the approval by the Ministry of Human Resources, covers three second-category disciplines: "Materials", "Material Physics and Chemistry" and "Material Processing Project,” with the first two being key subjects of Hunan province. The first-category discipline has the national key laboratory of new ceramic fiber and its composites (CFC), including five laboratories, materials performance analysis and test laboratory, functional materials laboratory, polymer-based composites and the fast repair laboratory, camouflage stealth materials laboratory, as well as a energetic materials laboratory. The station has an annual scientific research funds of about 30 million RMB and covers five research areas: special ceramics and ceramic fiber pioneer preparation technology, composite technology, stealth materials, functional materials technology, and material performance under extreme conditions. The station takes the lead in China and the world in the field of the synthesis of non-oxide ceramic precursor and precursor conversion method to prepare high-performance continuous ceramic fiber technology. The station has successfully developed the highest level of domestic energy NdFeB magnets adhesive device. It has also achieved the development of Si-C-N nano powder and a pilot plant test. Nowadays, the station has formed an exceptional academic team which includes 15 professors, 12 PhD supervisors, 40 associate professors, with 50% of our teachers conferred with a PhD degree.

 In the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the station has won eight science and technology achievement prizes, including one second prize of national science and technology progress, eight second prizes of science and technology progress in national and provincial levels, and one second prize of outstanding achievements in teaching in Hunan province. In recent years, the station has been active in academic exchanges with domestic and international academies, and created a strong academic atmosphere. The station has established a cooperative mechanism with Chungnam University in Korea, University of Bordeaux in France, Europe’s Ceramic Thermal Structure Laboratory, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.


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