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Information Science and Technology Integrated Experiment Center
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The Information Science and Technology Integrated Experiment Center (hereafter referred to as “The IS&TIE Center”) centers on the whole process of information perception, transmission, processing, confrontation, application and information scientific research projects. It provides outfield carriage experiments, electromagnetic signal generation/measurement/processing and electronic information system prototype development tests, and verification for information scientific research projects.

As the picture shows, the general construction of the IS&TIE Center includes two airships as the core with a 3,000m and a 1,200m altitude capability respectively. The IS&TIE Center provides the whole environment of design, simulation, joint test, and outfield carriage experiment under various electromagnetic signals for information and equipment research projects.

According to the system function structure, the IS&TIE Center is divided into four parts:

Equipment carriage platform is comprised of two conventional airships, including the airship in the experiment and the auxiliary test control devices.

Experiment command and control center is made up of a screen display device, experiment console, other test field data interface components

Information transmission platform includes two parts, 34Mbps microwave communication links and wireless sensor networks of airship carriage experiment data. The wireless sensor network provides a wireless comprehensive network experiment environment with a variety of access points for ongoing research projects.

Electromagnetic signals generation/measurement/processing platform provides generation, measurement, and processing function of various complex signal and system debug function of information science research for radar, communication, ECCM, navigation, and electronic reconnaissance. The shield room of the platform provides electromagnetic shielding for field experiments.


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