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Material Science Experiment Center
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The Material Science Experiment Center (hereafter referred to as “The MSE Center”), has constructed two platforms: material microscopic properties and omnipotent band spectrum test and analysis.

Material Microscopic Properties Platform (hereafter referred to as “The MMP Platform”) can provide methods with high accuracy, high resolution, non-contact, high speed, and repeatability to measure and analyze the solid surface microstructure. The platform can be well applied in many projects and areas such as photonic/phononic crystal technology, directed energy technology, laser gyroscope, super-finishing, SiC fiber, multi-layered structure of semi-conductors, micro-nano technology, different types of membranes and surface properties of solid materials. This platform’s instruments are Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM), Scanning Electron Microscope, Wave-front measuring interferometer.

Omnipotent Band Spectrum Test and Analysis Platform (hereafter referred to as “OBST&A”) can provide high-accurate measurement and analysis of static spectrum, Raman spectrum, atmospheric spectrum, and ultraviolet-to-terahertz spectrum of the full spectrum energy band. The OBST&A Platform serves such disciplines as optical communication technology, optical engineering, and opto-electronic technology, and materials science. This platform’s instruments are Ultra-high Resolution Infrared Spectrometer, FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy, THz Spectrometer, Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectrometer, spectrophotometer, Ellipsemeter, THz Imaging Spectrometer, configured spectrogram, laser system.

The MSE Center currently has a scientific research team of 26 members, including 12 professors, three associate professors, 21 PhD degree holders, one winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, four members of New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from Ministry of Education, one member of National Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, and one Hunan Lotus Scholar.

The MSE Center vigorously creates good experimental conditions of nurturing talents, opens the laboratories as much as possible, and supports university graduates to continue their research. With direct support of the MSE Center, the discipline of physics has nurtured six PhD candidates, 26 master candidates, and 65 undergraduates, including the winner of the provincial/ministerial excellent dissertation, winners of provincial/ministerial excellent MS thesis, two second prize winners in the Challenge Cup scientific work competition, and one first prize winner in the Challenge Cup scientific invention of Hunan Province. The MSE Center also supports talent development of other departments, providing experimental conditions to more than 230 graduate students for their scientific research. Moreover, the MSE Center published over 300 high-level papers, and 21 of them have been presented at international academic conferences.


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