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High Performance Computing Application Research Center
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The High Performance Computing Application Research Center (hereafter referred to as “The HPCAR Center”) of NUDT was built and has been online from April 2004. It is the key project of the 11th Five-Year Plan and 211 Project. The HPCAR Center has a dual function. The first function is to support instruction and research and the second is to independently develop parallel algorithms, high- performance computing applications supporting environment, and visualization technology in science and engineering calculations. In doing these two functions the HPCAR will promote widespread knowledge and technology of high-performance computing applications, and will educate qualified personnel for this field of high-performance computing application technology.

At present the HPCAR Center has two Galaxy-Stars cluster systems, the total amount of the CPU cores adding up to 700, the peak value of the floating-point amounting to seven trillion calculations per second, and disk storage capacity exceeding 10TB. The Center has purchased and installed science and engineering computing software, such as ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Fluent, MatLab, MSC.PATRAN, MSC.NASTRAN and MSC.ACTRAN.

The management software mainly includes PlatformLSF, YHRMS and NUDT’s independently developed high-performance computing web portal. Users can utilize the unified access provided by the web portal to employ the resources of the HPCAR Center, submit homework, monitor and manage its status, obtain feedback, supervise the condition of resources with the web portal, and conduct technical communications with other users and staff in the Center. Users can also utilize telnet and ssh client tools or X Window graphic utilities, such as Xmanager, to login remotely to the HPCAR Center and utilize its resources.

There are over 20 staff members including full-time operator, maintenance engineers, and technicians in the HPCAR Center. Operators remain on duty 24 hours a day in order to guarantee the continuous stability of the clusters. Maintenance engineers are responsible for routine management of the hardware resources, promptly extinguishing potential problems, and minimizing the impact of any system errors on users. Technicians provide technical support for the users on the application of resources. They also analyze the operation conditions of the users’ tasks, keep users informed of abnormal conditions of operation and resources, and ensure normal operation

Since 2004 when it officially provided services to the outside, the HPCAR Center has assisted over 40 various national and military key projects, and provided computer and technical support for scientific research. During the period of the 11th Five-Year Plan the HPCAR Center will update hardware and software resources, develop a large-scale science and engineering computing software environment, realize the unified dispatching and allocation of the hardware and software resources, continue exploring and expanding the application fields and requirements of high-performance computing, strengthen integration with other units, and strive for a high-performance computing application platform with richer resources and more stable services.


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